Working with Sagesa Healthcare to find your next role means working with a specialist Spanish company that is committed to helping you achieve your career development abroad.
Sagesa Healthcare have access to all of Ireland’s biggest employers and can use our network to find a role suitable to fit your skills and ambitions for the future.

We have expert knowledge of the requirements for working abroad and offer local support in Spain for all your necessary applications and memberships. Sagesa Healthcare have developed a streamlined process in the countries we operate to place candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example, we have a Spanish court appointment translator who can prepare your applications. No other recruiter can provide this level of coverage.

We offer support for your relocation from finding a home, getting a car to the little things like mobile phones and internet providers. This allows you to focus on your new job immediately on arrival. We are also a bilingual company so nothing will be ‘lost in translation’ and once a high level of English has been established for business purposes, we are able to discuss logistical details in Spanish for complete clarity if desired.

Sagesa Healthcare is a boutique outfit, we engage with our candidates on a one to one basis and you will have support from the same people the day you contact us and all throughout your time abroad.
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