Spanish Doctor’s Working Hours Revealed

A study by Medscape revealed that 4 out of 10 Spanish doctors are experiencing ‘burn out’ because of excessive working hours. The study carried out on 1000 doctors showed 55% of doctors work over the 40 hours a week in their contract. 

The Average Working Week for a Spanish Doctor

A working week for Spanish doctors is between 21 and 40 hours, as reported by Redaccion Medica. Less than half of Spanish doctor are working the recommended number of hours according to this study. Alarmingly, 16% of doctors reported working up to 60 hours a week. 


Doctors Salary and the Gender Gap

An average salary of €53.000 a year was reported for all participants in the study. GP’s were the largest specialty group in the study. On average male doctors earn €12.000 a year more than female doctors. Last year, the OMC reported that 50,4% of doctors in Spain are women

Dissatisfaction with pay and excessive bureaucratic duties were the two principal reasons why 4 out of 10 doctors are or will experience ‘burn-out’.  Within the study group, 7% of doctors said they were dealing with depression. 

Conversely, 4 out of 10 doctors reported feeling ‘exceedingly fulfilled’ in the jobs, a feeling that extended outside of the work space as two thirds reported being happy in the personal lives. 

Working Abroad

Short term contracts, dissatisfaction with pay and working conditions are the main ‘push factors’ for doctors looking for work outside of Spain. Inviting jobs offers abroad mean more Spanish doctors are choosing to work in Ireland, for example.

  • ‘Out of hours’ GP’s in Ireland make €130.000+ a year (gross) working 40 hours a week
  • Doctors in the HSE work 37 hours a week with a salary from €55.000 – €180.000 a year depending on experience and specialty

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