Working Hours of Spanish Doctor’s – 4 out of 10 experiencing burnout!

Spanish Doctor’s Working Hours Revealed A study by Medscape revealed that 4 out of 10 Spanish doctors are experiencing ‘burn out’ because of excessive working hours. The study carried out on 1000 doctors showed 55% of doctors work over the 40 hours a week in their contract.  The Average Working Week for a Spanish Doctor A working… Read more

10 Reasons you should Move to Ireland

Thinking of moving to Ireland? You’re not alone! Many people are thinking about moving to Ireland for work or simply because it’s a fantastic place to live! Ireland is attracting people from all backgrounds and ages and here’s why: 1. The Amazing New Food Scene “Local produce, authentic experience” is the mantra of Ireland’s revolutionary… Read more

5 Reasons to work as a GP in Ireland (out of hours)

5 Reasons to be an ‘out of hours’ GP in Ireland An ‘out of hours’ GP is a family doctor that works from a healthcare centre during the evenings and weekends. There are a lot of advantages to working as an ‘out of hours’ GP; here are our top 5! Ireland is the second most… Read more

The NHS looking to recruit for Spanish and EU GPs (Spanish)

El NHS busca médicos de familia españoles y europeos para el déficit en la fuerza laboral actual y en el futuro. Cifras oficiales revelan que el National Health Service (NHS) del Reino Unido están muy por detrás del nivel de personal médico para alcanzar sus metas actuales y para el futuro. Expertos en el sistema… Read more

Five Facts About a Spanish Doctor

A doctor working in Spain is most likely to be female, 44 (or younger) and from Madrid according to a new study published by the OMC (Organizacion Medica Colegial de España). The study looked into the demographics of doctors working in Spain and revealed the following; 50,4% of medical professionals are women Cataluña has the… Read more

Number of Spanish Doctors on the Rise

A new study published by the OMC (Organizacion Medica Colegial de España) looking into the demographics of doctors working in Spain reveals why the numbers of doctors is increasing and why there are Spanish doctors looking for work abroad. Spain has a massive pool of graduate doctors leaving university each year; one of the largest… Read more

Why is there such a demand for Spanish GPs in Ireland?

Last year 215 doctors chose to leave Spain to work in Ireland. Budget cuts, hiring freezes, short term precarious contracts and salary are the principal push factors for Spanish doctors working in Ireland but why are they so desperately needed in the first place? According to the HSE, Ireland is facing a shortage of up… Read more

Signs of Spanish GPs choosing Ireland post Brexit

Article 50 has now been triggered and with negotiations soon to begin many EU workers in the NHS are contemplating what, if any, future awaits them in the UK. Theresa May has refused to confirm the rights of EU nationals to stay in the UK after Brexit, leaving many feeling dispensable and disposable if May’s… Read more

Collaboration with ComMalaga for GPs in Ireland

Sagesa Healthcare and the Illustrious Medical College of Malaga have come together to form a collaboration agreement to help doctors in the Malaga area find stable employment in Ireland. We are honoured to have been chosen for this collaboration and look forward to continuing to work closly with the College and their highly qualified doctors. Read more

Sagesa Healthcare at 37th Annual SEMFYC Conference

Sagesa Heathcare will be at the 37th annual SEMFYC (Spanish National GP Association) conference from the 4th to 6th of May. We look forward to meeting attendees and sharing our fantastic job offers for GPs in Ireland. See you there! Read more